October 29th, 2019

It’s an age-old question - what do you get someone you don’t know for Secret Santa? Sure, a desk calendar or a sweet-smelling candle never goes amiss, but if you really want to make a name for yourself across the office then you need to step up your present buying game this year. If you need a little Secret Santa gift inspiration, then read through our handpicked list of the top eight presents that your colleagues will love. The following gifts you can get almost anywhere, although it’s worth nothing that arguably you can pick up some of the best Christmas gifts in London if you happen to be in the capital during the festive season.

 A novelty hot drink set

For the tea, hot chocolate or coffee connoisseurs around the office then a trip to Whittard may be in order, and if you find yourself in the city there’s no excuse not to pop into one of their many London based stores. They offer a wide range of products which are especially prevalent at Christmas time in the form of giftsets, hampers and a variety of quirky items for the consumption of hot drinks. Since there’s so much choice, stepping into the store may be a little overwhelming so let us give you a helping hand. Our favourites this year across a range of budgets include: Coffees of the World Gift Set, A Very Alice Tea Party Gift Set, The Tea Discovery Collection, Cocoa Creations Hot Chocolate Gift Set, The Tea Lovers Advent Calendar, Christmas Coffee Bauble and the Limited Edition Pink Lemonade Flavour Instant Tea.

An unconventional card game

Bizarre card games are certainly not far and few between when the time office Secret Santa comes around. Anyone who’s been working in an office for a prolonged period of time will love the appropriately named Very British Problems Card Game which features laugh out loud typical British scenarios that everyone can relate to.

For the politician amongst your cohort then Fake News, a Donald Trump themed true or false game, might be just the ticket. Slightly darker and certainly not for the faint hearted, Cards Against Humanity is another excellent choice. The base pack is a great starting point and there’s a huge variety of expansion packs constantly being created. No doubt that your colleague will have so much fun that they’ll seek to expand their collection and end up with a complete set (making them very popular at Christmas parties).

A personalised drinks order mug

If you don’t know what to buy, a personalised present is a always a good option. For the colleague fed up of receiving the wrong hot drink order, the ‘One Sugar or Two’ mug is the perfect Christmas gift they’ll be eternally grateful for. Simply personalise the mug with your recipient’s name, their beverage of choice and any extras they’d usually include (i.e sugar or milk). If you don’t have a huge budget, this is an excellent option that will certainly go down as one of the best Secret Santa gifts this Christmas.

A desktop vacuum cleaner

You need not look any further for a funny Secret Santa gift this year. If you work with someone who’s a bit of a neat freak, or perhaps someone who needs a friendly push to become more of one, the World’s Smallest Vacuum is a superb present idea. Not just a Christmas novelty item - whilst it will get some laughs as it’s being unwrapped, the receiver will find it to come in handy next time they make a mess at their desk. And no need for any batteries as it can be recharged using a USB cable.

An upgrade on the traditional Cadbury Christmas chocolate tray

An edible Secret Santa present is always a safe bet. The list of potential options is extensive and endless, but if you’re in the capital at Christmas you’ll find London has some of the best chocolate gifts around. Hotel Chocolat is a well-known Chocolate shop with stores all across The City carrying the very best selection of edible gift boxes and hampers in all kinds of flavours. Slightly more higher end is award-garlanded chocolatier Paul A Young, another London store iconic for its delectable handcrafted treats.

Alternatively, the signature salted caramel from Artisan Du Chocolat is a popular choice amongst Christmas shoppers. You’ll also discover delicious chocolates here made from goat, buffalo and almond milks as well as an unusual array of flavours such as tobacco and red wine – you can’t get quirkier than that!

A gift card for The Trading House

Treat your beloved colleague to a unique dining experience they won’t forget at The Trading House on London’s iconic Gresham Street by purchasing one of our magnificent gift cards this Christmas. Whether they choose to use it for a traditional roast dinner or a festive tipple, we’ve got delicious Christmas menus and drinks packages that will make this year one to remember. And not to mention – a vibrant atmosphere like no other! With our exciting line-up of festive live music, Christmas 2019 at The Trading House is guaranteed to be merry.

If you’re looking for an alternative venue in London for your corporate Christmas party, then The Trading House is just the place. Please email christmas@thetradinghouse.uk.com or call our friendly team on 020 7600 5050 for further information or bookings.



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