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Behold stories to be told, sipped and enjoyed… We’ve travelled to exotic countries far and wide, trading in knowledge, cultures and experiences. Each month, we share our stories of visited lands by way of cocktails.  Read below and start your journey and discover this month’s destination (but just like traders, they don’t stay around for long)...

This Month:

Mexico; the proud homeland to one of history’s greatest civilisations, the Aztecs. As the founding fathers of mandatory education, chewing gum and popcorn, it’s no surprise the Aztecs leave a rich culture waiting to be discovered in this month’s cocktails...

Discover more stories next month . . .



400 Rabbits


Vibrant. Earthy. Sharp.

El Jimador Reposado tequila, Ancho Reyes

chilli liqueur and carrot juice

Red Mary


Punchy. Refreshing. Subtle.

Tanqueray Sevilla, Bittermans

Hellfire Habanero hot sauce, tomato juice,

orange juice, pink salt and coriander 

The Legend of Cocoa


Warming. Moreish. Complex.

Espolòn Reposado tequila,

Crème de Cacao White,

lime juice, saffron bitters

and chocolate bitters


White Flower


Delicate. Sweet. Citrusy.

El Jimador Blanco, prickly pear,

cantaloupe melon juice, lime juice,

black pepper and sugar syrup

Holy Guacamole!


Exotic. Smoky. Lively.

Meteoro Mezcal, avocado,

coconut purée, almond syrup,

coriander and lime juice




Gins discovered with the same passion and love that’s gone into creating them. Representing some of the finest examples being produced in the country today.

All served tall with Britvic tonic water. Swap for Fever-Tree +60p


Hunters Gin £9.25
Served with orange and lemon zest

Silent Pool £9.25
Served with juniper berries and
a pear fan


Shnoodlepip Gin £9.25
Served with pink peppercorns
and pink grapefruit

City of London Distillery £9.25
Served with juniper berries and
lemon zest

Mr Hobbs £9.25
Served with orange zest and
juniper berries

Manchester Gin £9.25
Served with orange zest and
fresh rosemary



Poetic License £9.25
Served with a grapefruit wedge
and a mint sprig

Leeds Gin £9.25
Served with lemon zest and
pink peppercorns

Masons Dry Yorkshire £9.25
Served with green cardamom
pods and orange zest

Langley’s £9.25
Served with basil and a
grapefruit wedge


Forest Gin £9.25
Served with grapefruit zest
and fresh rosemary

Liverpool Gin £9.25
Served with orange, a mint sprig
and a pinch of black pepper

Foxdenton 48 £9.25
Served with juniper berries and
lime zest

Redsmith £9.25
Served with an orange wedge
and a mint sprig



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